A Long Way Down (2014)

Oh Aaron Paul, will you ever make a good movie post-Braking Bad? Maybe you need to ditch your agent, because these recent projects of yours are killing any momentum for your career that you might have picked up with Breaking Bad ending.

Anyway, I was suckered to see this purely by the combined charm of Pierce Brosnan and the alluring promise of black comedy by the synopsis, and of course, it ended up being anything but funny or even entertaining. When Sam Neill with a bushy mustache and maybe five minutes of screen time ends up being the most entertaining thing about a story of four people trying to commit suicide at the same time, you know things have gone horribly wrong.  Brosnan’s just all over the place, and feels like he’s sleepwalking the entire film on auto-pilot. Even when he suddenly gets hyperactive it’s entirely off putting. That said, there are one or two good things about the movie; Aaron actually does a good job with his character’s struggle with why he wanted to commit suicide, though it never really feels to go anywhere, and then there’s Toni Collette who is actually pretty charming once we get her POV chapter and stops being the wallflower for a moment, but neither performance saves the movie from being entirely too polished Hollywood schlock and lacking of any type of tangible identity that would at least make the film feel wholesome.


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