Cuban Fury (2014)

Hello disappointment, my old friend. We meet again. I was actually kind of excited to see this. The concept sounded rather fun when I read about it in an issue of Total Film last year. I knew it was never going to be anything special, based on the initial reviews, but I like Nick Frost, and the idea of Salsa dancing centering around him, well that ought to be somewhat good, surely? Alas, the jokes are for the most part, very forgettable, and the movie never really feels like it properly starts going. Even the big dance off fight in the parking lot fails to get a proper crack of a smile out of you. Actually, the dance scenes in general lack the energy and sexiness that you would normally expect, given the dance style featured.

All in all, it’s almost as if watching a really long, uneventful episode of a TV show than a feature film. The supporting cast at least is very good, the sister played by Olivia Colman is quite good in her small part and Kayvan Novak as the stale Fanta drinking, highly enthusiastic dancer friend is just adorable and practically steal every scene where he gets to interact with Frost. And of course venerable Ian McShane never lets you down. But unfortunately they all get so little screen time, while the love triangle with Frost, Chris O’Dowd and Rashida Jones takes too all the real focus and is still boring to watch, and make you not care about the central plot.


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