Flavor of Happiness (2008)

Movies centered around cooking can be frustrating to watch sometimes. If it’s an especially good one, you will find yourself drooling over each dish that you cannot eat, and you can never decide whether you want to see the story progress or linger a little longer as they prepare the meals and make your mouth water a just a little bit more. I’ve found that the best way to combat this is to eat dinner while watching the movie. This way you won’t find yourself hungry in the middle, needing to pause and make something, and once you’re done eating, you can get comfy while all warm and fuzzy feeling after your stomach is full, and you can just relax and lay on the sofa while watching the rest of the movie.

The story here is  nothing new, nor does it really even give the pretense of wanting to reinvent the wheel. But, at the same time, it does go a long way to subvert the usual formulas and clichés by not putting the focus on superficial struggle where the pathos is to be the underdog struggling to victory, like trying to save the restaurant or participating  in a cooking contest. Instead it tells a simple story while choosing some unexpected, but entirely logical in the big picture, side trips to give the characters some unexpected depth,a and then wraps up everything satisfactorily by choosing the climax to be a simple banquet meal prepared, flavored of course, with a hint of happiness.


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