Mouse Hunt (1997)

This was kinda average, but well done slapstick comedy. Plenty of good gags and laughs over all. I really do enjoy Nathan Lane’s comedic acting on the rare occasions I happen to stumble to a movie starring him. Watching this again as an adult for the first time, the movie opened up a bit differently from the way I remembered it. The mouse was more of a vermin to me now, so I wasn’t as sympathetic towards it. Even though the brothers do in retrospect look like a pair of giant douches when trying to catch the mouse in murderous frenzy.

As it was slapstick comedy, you allow a lot of crazy stuff happen, but certain things like how they were both supposedly broke, but could still fix up a house (at one point they destroyed the entire floor section of the entrance hall) in one week was a bit hard to swallow. And would a single mouse really drag the price down that much?  I get that it plays to the restaurant getting closed and it’s really just an excuse for the madness that follows when they try to get rid of the mouse, but it kept bugging me. Another thing that caught my eye was the limited CGI that was actually pretty decent, to my surprise. You usually cringe with dated CGI, but this had a bit of a charm to it. The ending was also a bit dumb. I mean, where did the mouse suddenly found that much cheese? But I’m over thinking things.


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