The Double (2013)

This is a bit of a pickle. I don’t really know what to say about Richard Ayoade’s directing. It’s interesting, but not quite there yet, like he needs to mature some more. I’m a bit conflicted because I liked certain parts of the film, but as a whole it really failed to click with me the right way. I loved the aesthetics for example, but found the storytelling was a bit uneven, because the Double taking over Simon’s life never felt important enough to make you care what was happening. Which appropriately brings us to  Eisenberg’s performance. It’s hard to pin down where my heart lies on this, because while I liked him as James; the devilish Double, Eisenberg’s Simon never felt that sympathetic or likable, so I never really felt the conflict of James stealing Simon’s life had proper gravitas. If I don’t find the invasion to be important, then how can the conflict mean anything or be dramatic enough to be entertaining? The structure certainly could have used some polishing, because now it feels like it never quite achieves its full potential.


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