Zulu (1964 )

They don’t really make movies like this anymore. No money in it, I suppose. I don’t mean that they don’t make movies about famous battles or wars of course, that’d be silly. No, it’s just that people these days are more interested in making movies that either have psychological and philosophical subtext, and/or do very flashy action scenes and play it up as an epic. They would also probably want  a more distinct hero vs. villain frame up on the story, with none of this very down to earth, almost jolly old time “Come on then, chaps. Time to die for Queen and Country, eh. Give it the old college try, wot”  warring where neither the British soldiers nor the Zulu are vilified, and the ugly side of war isn’t underlined, it’s just alluded to in the dialog. The battle is just a battle, with neither side being getting idealized. it’s just war. I don’t think it would be allowed to be so straight forwarded and subtle if the movie was made today. Good stuff, all around. It was maybe a few minutes too long. Maybe.


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