Would You Rather (2012)

This wasn’t that bad, actually. Horribly, horribly predictable, especially the last twist, which made me absolutely groan out loud, but I did have fun with this one. The premise is great, even if it doesn’t quite work as well as it could, thanks to the poor writing. The biggest problem  was that apart from Combs, who was marvelous as the sadistic game master, the acting isn’t that good across the board. I kept forgetting Brittany Snow was suppose to be the main character, she’s that much of a non entity, and the interaction with the contenders was so non-existent that it completely failed to set up the  “shock” conclusion of the final round. What was a bit weird, was watching this torture porn horror movie with actors like Crabman from My Name is Earl and the dad from Home Alone getting brutally killed out of nowhere. I did get a good laugh out of realizing this had Sasha Grey in it. Now I can actually say I’ve watched a real movie starring her, not that her acting was any good whenever she had to act being anything beyond a rude asshole.

I also just realized what it was about the butler played by Jonny Coyne that kept bugging me: he’s basically a  low rent version of Bob Hoskins, with none of the charisma, isn’t he?


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