The Muppets (2011)

To preface this, I was never much a Muppet fan as a kid. My only real connection to the Muppets as a child was seeing the trailer for the Muppets Christmas Carol on a VHS. Now that  I think about, I might have actually see that at some point,  but I digress, my point is that I’ve never been a big Muppet fan. So now, as an adult whenever I watch a Muppet movie, it’s a bit of an odd experience, because I don’t really have any affinity to the characters nor nostalgia for them. One thing that starts to be clear is that the quality of the film seems to depend very much on the human cast, and how well they play into the Muppet formula. Case in point, Treasure Island is marvelous largely due to Tim Curry’s fantastic performance and singing capability.

So, the Muppets, the relaunch, the movie. It ends up being a bit of a mixed bag, and kinda mediocre. The plot is OK, and the cast isn’t half bad either, but the human cast’s singing leaves a bit to be desired for the most part. For example Amy Adams is only decent when she’s just playing her character straight. When she gets her own small dance and song number, she just isn’t up to the task. Same thing applies to Chris Cooper, who’s pretty decent as the token villain and has a nice gag about not being able to laugh so he just says maniacal laugh instead, but his musical number isn’t that good. I did like how out of nowhere and absurd it was, to see him of all people suddenly delivering an evil rap to the Muppets, going as far as jumping on the table and at one point even gets accompanied with back up dancers. That was pretty ingenious. Jason Segel is surprisingly the opposite: He’s not dramatic main lead material at all and just comes off bland most of the time. But his singing is actually very good, and he gets to have probably the most catchiest songs in the entire movie.


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