The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

Even though there is some decent humor in here, such as the gag about Kermit and Fozzie looking alike when wearing their hats, the good jokes are few and far between, so the lack of an interesting story as well as disappointingly bland and unmemorable songs end up making the movie rather boring to watch. The caper parts feel very lacking and I found myself being more interested in wondering the technicalities behind how they did the special effects in creating certain scenes with the Muppets, like when the Muppets as a large group climb up the drainpipe or when the rats carry the luggage through the hotel’s hallway. They have some actors such as John Cleese, Diana Rigg and Peter Falk in the film, but only Falk’s very brief, and if I’m not entirely mistaken, uncredited cameo is the most memorable scene in the entire movie, largely thanks to how Falk almost seems as if he accidentally walked into the wrong movie but decided to still do his scene regardless to the fact he’s talking to a puppet frog the entire time. Diana Rigg feels entirely wasted and though Cleese performs well as the British gentleman reacting to Miss Piggy invading his house, it’s not particularly funny.


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