After the Thin Man (1936)

I’m beginning to understand why the Thin Man series was so popular that it could span so many sequels. The movies are simply incredibly comfy and fun to watch. The murder mystery itself is again more of a pretext  to the antics of Loy and Powell than the main attraction, but the set up for the murder this time around is much more interesting than in the first film. The biggest surprise was seeing young James Stewart  in one of his earliest movie roles. And holey moley, he plays the villain! I also found it charming how they gave Asta, the dog, his own little subplot/gag about his mate having an affair with another dog and Asta chasing his rival out and blocking the exit more than once in the movie. It’s so goofy and old fashioned. Speaking of Asta, as an interesting side note, to my surprise the dog playing Asta actually has his own Wikipedia page! And his name actually was changed from Skippy to Asta with the release of the first Thin Man movie. That’s Hollywood for you, folks!


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