Another Thin Man (1939)

Like the title clearly states, Nick, Nora and Asta are back again, this time accompanied by a one year old baby boy Nick Jr, whose conception was revealed in the very last scene of the previous movie. By now the formula of the series is so familiar it’s almost like an old friend, you know the beats of the story and mannerisms of the character down to the last molecule, and you are not going to find much surprises. Still, you have fun and reminisce the good old days while having new adventures. I haven’t written about this about before when talking about the Thin Man series, so this is a good opportunity to mention how I adore the ongoing gag of  Nick repeatedly meeting people he had once upon time sent to jail, and  they all react to him with friendly familiarity and warm embraces, this time culminating in a giant baby birthday party for Nick Jr. where a mob of Nick’s old collars all arrive with babies of their own, most which are basically rented out so they could attend the party. It’s this type of a bizarre and hilarious concept for a scene that make the Thin Man series so appealing despite it’s over familiar formula being recycled in each installment.


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