Dance of Reality (2013)

Prior to seeing the movie, the only thing I was aware of Alejandro Jodorowsky was from reading up on the story behind his quite fascinating and, shall we say, ambitious plan to turn Dune into a movie, which for example, involved casting Salvador Dali as the Emperor. But anyway, due to this, I didn’t exactly know what to expect from Dance of Reality, apart from it being semi-autobiographical and it would be something  very surrealistic and probably weird by its nature.  Now, after seeing the movie, it is not hard to see why Jodorowsky is so revered auteur. His storytelling is spell bounding visually and he is quite a master at crafting a tangible and real feeling world for the film despite the few rather colorful and surreal elements such as all of the dialog of Alejandro’s mother always being sung instead of spoken or how Jodorowsky himself appears in the film, narrating certain key scenes with self reflection while he embraces his own younger self.

In short, the film is a magical experience.


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