Defiance (2008)

I don’t know why, but nearly every time I decide to watch a film based entirely on the fact Liev Schreiber stars in it, he ends up only having a small side role of maybe thirty minutes or so in the actual movie, and Defiance proved to be no different. Personally I don’t really swing either way with Daniel Craig as an actor, and he does a decent job here, but the lack Schreiber does kinda bog down the movie due to my interest mainly being his performance. The movie is pretty basic WW2 fair, you’ve got the Jews, the evil Nazis, you learn how horrific the war and Holocaust was, etc. Everything you basically have grown accustomed to expect from the genre. This does have the added benefit of being based on true story, but apart from the novelty of showcasing the fleeing Jewish community living in the forest, it has very little to offer.  All in all, mediocre but also pretty forgettable.


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