Quartet (2012)

One of the nicest things in the entire movie was realizing in the closing credits that the film actually used a lot of actual elderly musical stars of the past, made obvious by the then-and-now photos. Quartet is at its essence, one of those entertaining feel good movies where it puts you in a spell by pulling your emotional strings with finesse at just the right places and has a charming core cast that keeps you entertained, but it also doesn’t leave you with much of an impact once the credits are over. I haven’t seen the play, so I don’t know how well it was adapted to the big screen, but the movie certainly has made me interested in seeing it played on the big stage in the future, should such an opportunity make itself present. That, I suppose is perhaps the best and most genuine praise you can give to Quartet. I did feel a bit like the movie could have used a proper central conflict. Still, for a directorial debut, Hoffman does a solid job and the cast is indeed wonderful. Billy Connolly being a womanizing but lovable old man and a source of numerous witty lines was a bit of a cliché, but in a good way and he does kinda work as the supporting pillar tying all the players together very smoothly, so kudos for that.


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