Sabotage (2014)

It really shouldn’t be that hard to make a decent action movie starring Arnold, but here were find ourselves again, we’ve lived through yet another subpar flick by him with very little to show from it. What really annoys me is that they pretty much had the ingredients for a very solid action movie,  but for some reason they had to go and ruin it by trying to turn the movie into a serious mystery thriller with unnecessary twists.

The entire second act more or less derails the movie entirely by dragging the movie to a tedious halt when it starts to revolve mostly around two local cops trying to figure out who’s killing Arnold’s team. Um, didn’t we promote this as action-centric thrill ride? How did this suddenly become Law & Order: Pumping Iron? You could have used this time to get to know the team better, and give them some depth beyond being stereotypical alpha dog grunts who party hard and act douchey to outsiders. That way  you might have actually cared when one of them gets  nailed to the ceiling with their guts splattered across the floor or when another one gets his brains splattered by a sniper.  Now all the relationship drama between the two team members who are married to each other feels entirely hollow, because the movie never gets around making them likable or even memorable as a couple. What really takes the cake is the final twist that reveals what happened to the stolen money and then extends the movie by ten, fifteen minutes by adding what feels like a completely unnecessary extra gun fight in Mexico, in vain attempt at catharsis.

Fortunately the action for the most part is pretty good and the few the room clearing scenes feel very intense and tactical and are also well shot, so the movie does not end up being a complete waste of time.  I probably still will watch Ayer’s latest picture, Fury, because WW2 tank movie sounds pretty interesting subject, but based by this and Street Kings, I really don’t put a lot of confidence in Fury being any good. It also makes me dread a little how bad the planned Suicide Squad movie is going to end up being.


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