The King’s Speech (2010)

Am I the only one who always gets a bit taken out of a  movie when Helena Bonham Carter gets on screen and she isn’t playing another frizzy haired (very likely dressed in Gothic style) lady? It never stops being odd to me because that’s the association game that my head plays when it comes to her face. That said, I quite liked her as Queen Elizabeth. I would have liked to have seen her get a larger role, but I  do understand that it couldn’t really happen due to the focus being on the relationship of Firth and Rush. Speaking of Firth, he never really had much of an impact to me before as an actor, but boy does he shine in this. Whenever he loses his temper, the fervor he has in his voice had such gravitas. He really did earn his BAFTA and Oscar wins that year by this performance. I don’t really know if there’s anything else I have to say about the movie, thought the one thing that I really appreciated was how they actually had Firth deliver the speech, instead of cutting to black as he started his speech or inserting the original recording of the speech while the credits rolled.


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