Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

Disappointingly, the second coming of Ron Burgundy falls a bit flat on its face. It has some good humor in certain places, the “Gay Way” song and dance number particularly coming to mind, but as with most sequels, you end up thinking that it didn’t really live up to the first one and you question why it had to be made in the first place. This is mostly due to the lackluster of a story premise, as it does the clichéd “fall from grace only to get back to the top again” mixed with “can you have a career and a family” tropes, forcing the movie do this really awkward juggling act of being about Ron trying to connect to his abandoned family in the margins while also doing the news satire as the primary focus and never really getting the combination right. The script itself feels a lot less funny this time around, so Will Farrel no longer can carry the entire movie by Ron’s silly antics alone, and the returning supporting cast does little to easy that burden,  as Ron’s old news team mostly come off as annoying caricatures, making you wonder why they even had to be brought back.

Of course, being a sequel to a comedy, we unfortunately need to rehash some jokes from the first film, and this is why we have the entire climax built around recycling the news team battle royale , now with brand new faces. Not only do they stretch the joke way too far, the scene itself is also clearly there just to drum up some false sense of drama by playing with the idea of Ron possibly missing his son’s recital and disappointing him yet again. They fill the scene to the brim with cameos and in doing so forget to actually make it funny, despite featuring such outlandish things as the History Channel taking part in the fight with an actual Civil War general’s ghost (that eats souls) and the Minotaur in its ranks. The only positive note of the entire scene is that Marion Cotillard  and Jim Carey are actually enjoyable in their cameos as the very polite Canadian news crew, armed to the teeth with hockey sticks.



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