Clue (1985)

It baffles me how this did not do that well when it was initially released, and it was only later that it developed a cult following. It’s true that it’s not really a traditional comedy that makes you laugh from start to finish, but that’s mostly because it’s got so much more subtleness in its humor.I’m first to admit they do basically start with a very crude dog turd joke at the very beginning, but beyond that the tone, delivery and overall personality of the film has this irresistible charm and wit to it that works perfectly with the comedic whodunit set up. They even make the explaining of how the murders happen be hilarious by instead of doing the classic Agatha Christie lounge scene where everybody politely sits as the detective explain how the murders were committed, the explanation is delivered by having the entire cast run at high speed back and forth the mansion while re-enacting certain key scenes and then returning to the main hall and throwing the accusation at who they think murderer really is.

One of the most interesting things about Clue is how they released it with multiple endings and  depending where you saw it, it would have a different culprit. So gimmicky, yet imagine how exciting that must have been at the time after you found out about it. Fortunately they have in the subsequent home releases given you an option to either watch it with a random ending, or with all three pieced together telling you how it could have went but how about this, and here’s what really happened. Personally I always like to see all three together, that’s the type of have my cake and eat it too guy I am.


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