The Addams Family (1991)

Some movies are just timeless and The Addams Family certainly fits that bill perfectly. You just have to hear the theme song and it has already gotten you under its spell. It does not matter that you can vividly recall how the story as well as most of the gags, I can never feel bored while re-watching the movie for who knows how manyeth time now. And how could you find it dull, when Raul Julia does one of his most iconic, energetic and beloved roles in his movie career as Gomez Addams and his chemistry with Anjelica Huston’s Morticia is so darn adorable. The aesthetic in particular is one of my favorite things about the movie. The Gothic vibe  of the Addams estate works so well with the morbid black humor, and it really does feel like that mood it brings is one of the things that truly enables the movie keep being so fresh despite being 23 years old, it’s almost as if time was frozen in a bottle and that’s why it never has gotten stale.

One peculiar thing about the movie for me is that I seem to always forget that Christopher Lloyd plays uncle Fester, despite doing such a stellar and memorable performance throughout the movie.  It just seems to wipe out of my memory entirely. It’s not like his heavy make up and baldness somehow renders him unrecognizable, there are more than few scenes where you can just by his face clearly tell its him if his voice already wasn’t enough of a clue.


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