Clueless (1995)

Stop the presses.  Clueless was in fact based (loosely) on a Jane Austen’s novel Emma? That is amazing! I had trouble putting the finger on what exactly makes Clueless so fun to watch, so it could very well be that the subtle, lingering Austen undertones and influences  were what appealed to me. After all, looking at the subject matter, it really isn’t the type of movie I usually like to watch (though I do confess to now having a vague recollection of watching and enjoying the TV series adaptation of the movie back in the day),  and when looking at the movie critically, there frankly does not seem to be very much of anything eye cathing, be it a compelling plot or interesting main characters that would make it appealing to me. I did quite enjoy the perfect mix of 90s aesthetics with the genuinely funny view of the superfluous California life style, but it doesn’t fully explain it. Whatever the case might be, it is an entertaining movie to watch if you want easy laughs and not too heavy story. I also have to mention that I was a bit surprised how much Alicia Silverstone came off likable in this, I recall never been that taken by her performance in anything I’ve seen her. Perhaps it’s time to give Batman & Robin another go and see how good she is as Batgirl. Or maybe not.


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