Comic Book: The Movie (2004)

I’m not usually a big fan of mockumentaries, but I just had to give this a try after discovering that Mark Hamill both directed and starred in it. And you know what, it is actually a  pretty fun little movie.  The movie is basically a big love letter to the fandom of comic books and you can clearly tell Hamill genuinely loves the genre. The plot is nothing special, it serves more of an excuse to let Hamill loose to geek out on San Diego Comic Con as Don Swan, the comic book fan who gets tangled in the production of the movie adaptation of his favorite superhero, Captain Courage, and his vain attempts to try and manipulate the studio to agree to adapt his preferred cheesy Golden Age version of the character instead of the gritty modern revamp before the movie announcement is made on the SDCC panel. It’s an interesting experience to see the people talk about the faux superhero and what an impact he has had, and it’s especially fun to watch Don repeatedly do something seemingly inane that ends up driving the producers crazy, like how he personally tracks down the sole living relative of the original creator of Captain Courage and brings him to the Con, throwing the producers in a mad frenzy because they suddenly realize that it’s possible that they don’t actually own all the rights to the character.


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