The Escape Artist (1982)

Well this certainly went in a completely different direction from what I was expecting after reading the synopsis blurb. But it’s not that bad. The story was a bit uneventful, I don’t really think we got the catharsis they were aiming for when the main lead is finally comes terms with his father’s dead by visualizing his final moments. It just doesn’t really go deep enough to have the necessary depth and impact like it should. They do give magic the right kinda of sense of marvel, and the escape from the jail cell was pretty  thrilling so it’s not a complete blunder. The star of the movie is of course, Raul Julia, who plays a very interesting side character, that of a no good son of a corrupt mayor that uses his father’s influence as a license to bully people. What makes the performance so good is that despite all his sleazy antics  Raul still  somehow manages to make his character feel very likable and sympathetic, even going as far as making the superficial relationship with the kid feel almost like genuine kinship. The performance doesn’t make the movie a-must-see, but it does more than justify watching the movie once if you’re fan of Raul Julia. There are certainly worse movies he’s starred in.


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