Ida (2013)

Ida is a bit hard movie to judge on its own merits, because I had heard so much praise for it before hand. And as much as I might have wanted to be objective, I didn’t quite manage to wipe the slate clean while viewing it. With that disclaimer over and done with, I don’t think it manages to live ups to the hype that preceded it, I only found it to be a bit average. That is, until the last twenty or so minutes when Ida returns to the monastery, and the movie suddenly starts to go through some very riveting character work as Ida starts to digest her experiences outside and how they affect her upcoming date of taking the vows to become a full fledged nun. It would have been very easy to just end the movie there, by either leaving Ida’s final decision ambiguous or having Ida reunite with her aunt after deciding that her newfound family was more important to her, but fortunately they managed to dodge all the obvious clichés. Instead we see them going a step further by unexpectedly giving us an additional and very intricate (not to mention fast) character development arc for Ida, that despite the pace, manages to feels completely organic and neatly culminates in a very satisfying and somewhat surprising conclusion.


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