Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

You know, I can never remember whether I have actually read the book as a child or if I’ve just seen too many adaptations of it over the years, to a point where I’ve grown somewhat familiar with the basic plot. As far adaptations go, the Muppets certainly make for a very fun one to sit down and watch. The gags are standard Muppet material, and  most of the time very funny and imaginative. Few personal favorites include changing Silver’s pet parrot into Polly the pirate lobster, the ship submitting to cabin fever just means turning the ship into a giant tropical song and dance number about cabin fever in the Muppet world, and of course the entire slapstick routine with Blind Pew is hilarious thanks to Pew’s voice actor. Even now, Muppet Treasure Island still holds up as my personal favorite of all the Muppet movies I’ve seen. And much of that is thanks to the performance of the illustrious Tim Curry, who plays a very fun version of Long John Silver. It’s a pity Curry only got one musical number for himself,  but he does more than make up for it by making  A Professional Pirate be the best act in the entire movie.


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