Moebius (2013)

Time to get my Kim Ki-duk bingo card ready. Let’s see… We have incest, castration, rape, adultery, sexual masochism, murder, suicide… check, check, checkity-check, oh hey, that’s bingo! Moebius is a Kim Ki-duk film alright.

Can’t really say I’m surprised the movie was initially more or less banned in South Korea, the movie certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s shocking, titillating, taboo breaking and above all, mesmerizing in its allure to keep you watching. Every time you think you’ve reach a point where it couldn’t possibly shock you anymore, the movie pulls the rug under your feet and delivers another artistic haymaker. What really makes the movie so powerful is the complete lack of dialog. It strips out all the distractions and puts the focus directly on the characters and what they undergo in the story. Aside from few Google searches with visible text in them to establish a future plot point, everything is left to the actors to emote through their bodies, anything from feelings of lust to utter despair, and that intense emotional aura really helps to lay out and examine the complexity of the sordid tale in fine detail. The silence feels a bit awkward at first, but it does not take long before it becomes completely natural and the movie begins to build up critical emotional mass to the upcoming emotional roller coaster ride.

My personal favorite scene in the movie has to the masochistic, knife stabbing centered ménage à trois sex scene where the knife substitutes the cut off penis and twisting the knife around the wound simulates penetration. It’s so devilishly delicious symbolism and wholesomely captivating, it perfectly captures an sums up the reason why I so love Kim Ki-duk’s movies: it is able to elevate something so horrific to become art.


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