The Big Doll House (1971)

I hadn’t actually seen any women in prison films prior to this, so this was a real treat to me. As far as sexploitation films go, this wasn’t that bad because it’s actually pretty watchable from start to finish. And while it’s not that great, the movie manages to toe the fine line between not being too stupid and tacky while being just corny enough to be entertaining as a trashy B-movie. The only notable thing about the movie really is Pam Grier singing the opening song Long Time Woman, which was pretty damn funky. The plot itself thinner than a piece of paper and has just about all the most obvious clichés, but who really watches these things for plot and good writing anyway? It’s like expecting a gourmet meal from Mickey D’s. Naw, you watch these movies for gratuitous nudity, hilariously bad low budget action scenes,  mud wrestling catfights (because how else do you expect women convicts to settle scores?),  men being lecherous creeps who get their due comeuppance, women getting stripped nude and tortured for… plot reasons, etc. And the Big Doll House certainly gives you that.


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