September (1987)

As I understand it, September is meant to be “a play on film”  instead of just a play adapted to be a film. Hence the long shots, and very little any type of cinematic trickery in story telling, and the movie mostly consisting of conversations between two people. It’s kinda interesting experience, and it works pretty well in the end as a movie. It’s really engrossing up until the blackout, a which point it kinda loses steam a bit, but then picks up again considerably as we get closer to the end and all the plot threads begin to tie together and the conflicts surrounding Lane simultaneously start erupting. I’ve pondered about whether or not the blackout perhaps was planned as a designated cue for the intermission to take place if it was a stage play. It would explain why it seems to slows down so much, as the beginning of act II would mean having to build up the dramatic momentum from scratch again.

The small ensemble cast was very good and worked well together, it really showed that Allen had done a lot of reshooting and recasting before finally getting his vision right. It was still a bit odd seeing Sam Waterston as someone else besides Jack McCoy, but that is entirely due to being a long time Law and Order fan and his entire persona being engraved to my brain under that one specific role. Speaking of casting, apparently Christopher Walken was at one point suppose to be Peter, before Sam eventually got the role. God, can you imagine Walken in this in his prime? I don’t. But I’d kill to see that. Allen has actually stated he would like to redo the movie again, so perhaps there is still hope for a more mature Walken to reprise the role? One can only hope. He’d probably get cast as the new boyfriend of Lane’s mother though, not Peter.


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