A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982)

Ah, the start of Woody Allen’s Mia Farrow period. I had assumed this was just some kind of a parody of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream play, but more accurately it seems to be a of loose adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night film which, if I’m not entirely mistaken, was in fact inspired by the same Shakespeare play. So, I wasn’t completely off the mark, just skipped a step in the adaptation process. Heh,

Anyhoo, this turned out to be rather fun comedy about sex and relationships, so much so that even the fantastical elements like Allen’s inventions such as the flying bike didn’t hinder the immersion. Young Mary Steenburgen was also complete fox in this. I usually find plots that revolve around cheating to be a bit off-putting, but that wasn’t really the case here. If anything, people sneaking around each other’s back to have secret rendezvous in the woods just made the story so much more fun, perhaps due to the very light, playful tone it tells the story. It wasn’t harmful to anyone at all. Oh wait, actually that’s not true, there is an explosion of jealous rage when the jig is up and somebody does get killed. Er… moving on, I was a bit baffled when I read up on the movie and found out that the movie was nominated for a Razzie award (the one and only time Allen’s movie has received one, actually). I frankly didn’t think Farrow’s performance bad at all, let alone worthy a Razzie nod. I just don’t get it.


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