The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

Eh, I don’t know. This just didn’t do it for me. A lot of people seem to like the movie, but for whatever reason it just didn’t click with me right. Usually I like depression era period stories, but not this time. It certainly does have a very interesting set up, and the whole metatextual side of the story is actually very intriguing to me, to a point where I found myself wishing they had done even more with that angle. So it’s not like I was actively hating the movie. I suppose what it comes down to is that Jeff Daniels just doesn’t really do it for me as a romantic lead, even though he does do a very good job at his double role, capturing the essence of both the innocent and very naive fictional character that falls in love with Farrow as well as the selfish and more grounded Hollywood actor who has to deal with the fact that there is now a doppelgänger running around in the world, possibly causing scandals in his name. There certainly were a lot of good moments between Farrow and Daniels, and their dates were very charming, but the love never felt real, so it kinda ruined the movie for me. Michael Keaton was originally suppose to play Daniels’ role, perhaps with his charisma there would have been the missing spark that would have made the movie work for me. But it’s pointless to play what ifs.


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