Full Tilt Boogie (1997)

If I had to describe this, it’s sort of like a home made chronicle of the production of From Dusk till  Dawn rather than the usual narration oriented making-of documentary. What the film  instead offers is this small and interesting peek at what actually happens behind the scenes while a movie is being shot. The fact that it’s centered around the production of From Dusk till Down is almost incidental in hindsight, it feels so detached in a strange way, now that I think about it. It almost doesn’t even register, because the emphasis is largely on interviewing different worker ants on the set, such as grips, personal assistants, electricians, hairstylists and so forth. Rodriguez and Tarantino do appear occasionally, as do the main cast, but they frankly feel like glorified cameos. There’s some talk about how the film was done by non-union staff, which apparently had them butt heads against the unions, which should be interesting but it’s pretty uneventful for the most part, even if it does hold certain importance from the P.O.V of the film making process. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, really. The film can get rather dull at places, but picks up again when it gets around showing something interesting on the practical level of making the movie, like how the front of the Titty Twister got torched by accident when they were filming a scene, which screws their shooting schedule a bit, or when they show the prep for shooting the scene where one of the stunt men is put on fire. I don’t really regret watching it, but it felt pretty light on substance. Still, it was kinda interesting to see the invisible people in charge of the little things behind the production given a face and a voice for few minutes.


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