Damien: Omen II (1978)

Some sequels are just so offensively bad that by the time you’ve finished watching it, you are actually angry at yourself for ever agreeing to such abuse. This is very much that kind of a movie. Because they couldn’t get anybody from the original film (apart from the actor playing the old exorcist in Israel, who has this funny overdramatic intro in the beginning of the movie) to take part in the film, the sequel ends up being nothing but a pitiful attempt to recreate the first film without any understanding of what made it work. You don’t have to look any further than the journalist harassing the family about Damien, to see how creatively bankrupt they are in this movie. She doesn’t get to do anything beside get introduced, then revealed to be ravingly obsessed with Damien before she is already killed off in one of the most ridiculous death scenes I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. Let’s just say it has something to do with a raven attack and an 18-wheeler, and is a prime example of why the movie just doesn’t have any tension what so ever. People simply keep dying left and right with very little sense or tension, let alone dramatic impact. If I didn’t already know this was suppose to be a horror movie I would almost have assume the movie was a badly made comedy.

Rather than telling a compelling next chapter in the life of the son of Beelzebub, which could have been rather interesting if the story for example had been about Damien struggling with the discovery of his role as the Antichrist as a teenager (just think of the potential in symbolism alone) and ultimately submitting to it, we get an absolute bore of a story about Damien going to military school as a young kid which doesn’t even really amount much to anything. “Why was this movie even made?” one has to ask. Damien doesn’t grow or develop as a character, he has a small freak out moment and then he more or less just becomes evil. Because he doesn’t have anything better to do, I guess. Sigh. I really wish they had at least managed to get the original screenwriter back, his idea  of the movie taking the following day after the ending of the funeral with Damien now in the White House. Now that sounded like a really  interesting direction to pursue. Maybe he would have caused a new Cuban missile crisis or something. God, the lost possibilities that setting would have offered, it makes me almost weep.


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