Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)

Color me surprised. I had expected the movie to be a rather botched adaptation of the Arkham Asylum game where the Suicide Squad was stapled into the mix to just give it some additional color, but it’s actually the opposite: a pretty well done Suicide Squad story just using the game’s visuals and basic plot as a back drop. All things considered, perhaps DC’s animated movies still have a future left in them yet. Even Batman’s role felt very appropriate instead of forced. It was still a bit too fragmented to my liking, it doesn’t quote come together as wholesome as it could, but overall, better than I was expecting and surpasses some of the other animated DC movies that have been released in recent years. The roster itself was pretty good, good mix of old and new and even the mandatory death was a good choice, didn’t outlive his welcome and was obscure enough to warrant some nice fan service. The one aspect where the movie does shine is the action sequences, it did show that they put a lot of effort into animating them and they are very nice to look at. I do still have some minor problems. The entire visit to the Iceberg lounge to meet the Penguin felt entirely superfluous, just there to provide a recognizable location from the Arkham games beyond certain levels of the Asylum itself. Couple of the character designs also annoyed my inner fan a bit. Boomer without his military hat or the more recent beanie? that’s just no kosher, mate. And King Shark was just a guy with a prosthetic steel jaw with razor teeth? Just… no. I will grant you that Captain Boomerang thing is entirely inane thing to complain about but the King Shark complaint is entirely valid.  Who honestly would prefer a generic big muscled guy with a fin on his head and fake jaw to a walking, talking humanoid shark?


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