Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

Still no hockey mask but at least Jason does get to be the killer this time around. I think he does in fact get to assume his iconic look in the third one, so we’re slowly getting there. Baby steps. It is only at an older age that I have begun to get myself familiar with the Friday the 13th franchise, and it is pretty fascinating in certain level. Unlike Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th so far from what I’ve experienced, hasn’t been very interest in indulging the itch to become increasingly comical  with sequels. It’s more interested in keeping things simple and just focus on killing people in brutal manner. Which I think is a good call, Jason’s delivery is as subtle as a bag of bricks and has the stage presence  and charisma of a molding hamburger. Stick to what you know, as they used to say.

If I’m getting the gist of this right, apparently flashback recaps to the previous movies are something of a regular feature with these movies? I suppose it kinda makes sense, especially later on when Jason keeps getting killed off and you had to revive him in increasingly bizarre ways if I recall my wikipedia plot synopsis readings correctly. Fans do after al appreciate certain reoccurring segments in franchises, helps you to get to the feel of the movie very easily, like slipping on a glove. A very bloody and beaten down glove. But anyway, wowzers McTavish, we really had to spend something like ten minutes recapping the previous movie? Felt a bit excessive to me. I’ve now seen (depending how you want to count them, should Freddy vs Jason really count as one?) three or four of these movies now, so I was simply aghast when this installment  turned out to be so good. Quality horror is not something I have grown used to seeing from this franchise. It does all the things right for a slasher film, which is appropriate considering the franchise helped to create the genre and this is one of the earliest volumes. The movie has superb pacing, all the kills happen in a sensible, creative and well timed fashion and are spread out thin enough so they’re not just a dull trail of linked blood path with brief, meaningless intermissions. The scenario is surprisingly decent too and the nudity (oh boy, the nudity) was done just right, and has that right mix of titillating voyeurism  and looming sense of danger as Jason stalks his prey. And above all else, the kids are actually likable which is quite rare. This movie was so good in fact, it has rejuvenated my interest in seeing the rest of the remaining… Wait, seven movies? God, that is a lot. Feels like actual work. Oh well, baby steps.


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