Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)

Been awhile since I last caught up with Nick and Nora, and it’s nice to see that little has changed. This time the plot involves solving a rather bizarre case of a shower room jockey murder (I did quite like how absurd the answer to the murder was) at the race track that then leads to, I kid you not, the seedy underbelly of a (wrestling) gambling syndicate and a subsequent murder. The movie doesn’t really hold much surprises, we follow the well established Thin Man formula down to a tee and all the old regular tropes should be as familiar to anybody watching these movies in chronological order. Nick Jr’s gone through another growth spurt, and now he’s couple of years old and can walk and talk, which means he can now be part of the comedy, as we can see when Nick Sr. trying to tell his son a fairy tale in the park while he’s more interested in looking at gambling odds, to which his son retorts by telling him to just read the odds on the ponies. Other than that, Jr.’s a bit of a non-entity, but I suppose you can’t really drag your kid to crime scenes at late at night, so it makes sense to kinda forget about him for most of the movie. Asta feels a bit underused as well, which makes sense. Four movies in you would kinda be grasping at straws to find new material for the dog to do beyond an occasional gag.  The movie didn’t really hold my interest the entire way through. It still was pretty decent and the antics of Nick and Nora are always  fun to watch, and that’s really what sells these movies, rather than any type of compelling murder mystery.


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