Veronica Mars (2014)

I never watched the original TV series or had any interest in it but recently certain people managed to pique my interest enough to give it a try. Being lazy,  I of course opted to get acquainted with the franchise via the easily available and relatively new Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie rather than watch the show chronologically. What could possibly go wrong?

Well actually, for someone who was completely oblivious to everything regarding the original series, the movie does do a decent job of making things accessible thanks to the very convenient recap intro. There are of course more than a few moments where they’re featuring characters and/or plot elements from the original series as a bit of a fanservice, that of course flew mostly over my head, but to my surprise it never reaches a point of being distracting. The cameos and references felt very organic and natural to the story itself, thanks to Veronica basically revisiting her old home town first time in years. Speaking of the story, the plot feels very much like a normal TV episode just blown up for the big screen. Oddly enough this isn’t as bad as it might sound. True, Veronica’s narration and the very lax pace the story moves forward just like your average TV show, which could be off putting, but here it somehow works. The movie has this quirky, alluring charm that makes it very enjoyable to watch so you’re able to ignore the negative connotations about it not being cinematic enough and just have fun. The story is also written in a very dense and compressed way, so there’s plenty of plot to go around and it never feels like the story is dragging and doing superfluous filler scenes.

As you would expect, in a whodunit mystery much of the story’s core appeal and entertainment value usually comes directly from the murder itself and how cunning the explanation behind it proves out to be as well as how intriguing the investigation is.  Now, it wasn’t the most exciting murder mystery ever to reach the big screen by far when you find out how it was committed, but what it lacks on the complex murder mechanics and dramatic motive front, it more than makes up in the investigation process which, to my surprise, was very cute vand highly entertaining. The mechanics behind the trick of how the murder was done was pretty smart, and featured clever use of modern technology, which is always gratifying to see in my book. The ending also provided a very thrilling, even if a bit run of the mill climax. Honestly, I genuinely was surprised how much I liked this.  Count me in as a newly converted Veronica Mars fan. I can’t wait to bury myself to the show now, and I might have to also check out the books in the near future, because I’m sure that once I’ve burned through the TV series I end up dying to have for one more hit like a true addict.



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