Nurse 3D (2013)

Although it starts with a very awkward and frankly so terribly executed opening scene that you almost want to turn off the TV, Nurse 3D does eventually find its tone and in the end reveals itself to be a rather enjoyable grindhouse schlock movie. I simply love how much Paz de la Huerta hams it up in this, it’s like swimming in bacon.  And speaking of ham, the nudity in this is actually pretty great in just how in-your-face exploitative it is. Oddly enough it’s never that titillating. It’s got this kitsch type tone to it, as the movie repeatedly takes every possible opportunity to have Abby appear at least partially undressed or showing off her stockings, to a point where it becomes almost an ongoing joke and I really appreciated that. You have to ramp it up and be as much over the top as possible with the sleaziness to make a great exploitation movie, and Nurse 3D is a prime example of when all that effort pays off marvelously.

Of course, there are one or two missteps that bog the movie down a bit. There for example, is some momentary awkwardness due to the jarring dichotomy between the two main female leads who both have their own dominant portion of the movie. When Abby is primarily narrating the movie in the first half, it’s wonderfully tongue in cheek and cheesy serial killer romp. But when the movie then starts to shift the focus on Danni, the object of Abby’s dark obsession,and her investigation of Abby’s past the movie becomes a bit boring because Danni is such a vanilla goody two shoes character in comparison to Abby. Danni’s character tries t play the underdog heroine card, but it fail to connect with you as a viewer because by that point you’ve already been enamored by Abby’s nefarious nature and actively want her to win.  Another minor flaw is that they don’t really develop certain characters enough in my opinion. The sleazy head doctor who loves to sexually harass the nurses for example could have used an additional scene or two where he really comes off as utterly despicable, just so his eventual bad karma would have felt sweeter. Then you have Danni’s boyfriend  who is horribly generic, but I can kinda let that one slide since he’s mostly a hunky prop and nothing else. The detective could have also form a bit deeper relationship with Abby, before he realizes the truth about her,  just to show how devious manipulator Abby is.

So yeah,  not by any means a great movie, but it’s in its own way very fun to watch once you adjust yourself to the right state of mind and become able to just sit back and enjoy the glorious B-list bloody stained cheese and sleaze the movie is filled up to the brim.


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