Footloose (1984)

I think I finally understand why Kevin Bacon actively bribes DJs not to play the “Footloose” song whenever he’s attending a function like a wedding. I’m pretty sure I never want to hear that song ever again. I think they played it at least three times over the course of the movie. The opening dance montage with it playing was okay, since it’s the theme and all. It was even pretty fun way to open the movie. I also get that it works as a great closing act in the dance party at the end, where the entire cast can get wild while listening to it, so I’ll even give that a pass. But did we really need to hear it in middle of the movie, in the bar scene? Talk about overkill.

But on with the movie itself. I don’t know, this basically just didn’t grab me at all. There was nothing inherently wrong with it, it’s just one of those movies where you realize it has no appeal to you personally, for whatever reason.  The cast was fine, young hunky Kevin Bacon was pretty good and had some nice dance moves, I must say Sarah J. was super adorable when she was young (these days, not so much) and dark hair really suits her. And of course John Lithgow was excellent as usual. I did keep wondering why on Earth Dianne West was in this, though. She gets only a handful of lines and just plays a generic wife of a preacher, it’s completely dull role to play. Or was this just before she started getting bigger parts? I have no idea, maybe this put her on the map, I don’t know how but maybe. Even the story was fine, nothing special, but it was well written and executed. I can’t really find any fault in it. Even the corny bits like the tractor chicken race were mostly amusing. I even honestly enjoyed the part where Bacon drives to that old warehouse and dances his ass off to blow up steam. That was actually the highlight of the entire movie for me. He was doing flips, swinging from cables, taking his sweat shirt off, all sweaty in a tank top, it was awesome. The entire scene was filled with passion and energy, the need to express yourself, to be allowed to be alive and explode. It covered the core theme of the story perfectly, so I don’t get it why the rest of the movie left me so cold. Eh, whatever. I’m not losing any sleep over this.

If there was one thing that I learned from this movie, it was just how tiny Sarah Jessica Parker is in real life.  I don’t know how I never noticed it before. She must have worn some ridiculously high heels in The Sex in the City. My mind was literally blown. So yeah, I was not a big fan, but it’s not a terrible movie, just not for me. I can see it being so popular. But if I want to watch an 80s dance movie, I’ll just stick to watching Flashdance again.


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