My Bloody Valentine (1981)

I wonder if the 3D remake from couple of years back is one of the few rare cases where it’s better than the original, because this sure was dreadful. I quite liked the basic concept behind the movie, but where I start having problems is with the killer, who has next to no scariness to his design. A guy wearing a mining outfit and a breathing mask just doesn’t look very menacing to me. The fact that he stalks people during Valentine’s Day and leaves a box of chocolates, with human hearts and a malicious notes hidden inside, is a very neat gimmick for a serial killer. So why tie that to a crazy miner, who remains completely silent, has next to no real presence or iconic mannerism and frankly looks a bit misplaced in a scary movie? I get that the big idea is to get a certain number of victims stuck in a mine shaft and then him killing them one by one, so the killer being a miner makes sense, but his costume is just too goofy for me. Even Jason and Michael Myers are pretty spooky silent villains thanks to their iconic and slightly scary looking, emotionless masks. Here, the guy looks like a generic miner/firefighter and not a demented killer, and with no personality or visible facial features to be seen to play with, it spoils the whole horror aspect. The murders he commits were also very lame, but apparently the cut I watched had nine whole minutes missing, mostly depicting gore so perhaps the uncut version could prove to be  marginally better. I wouldn’t call this a bad movie, just a horribly dull one. The ending was pretty good though, the twist was a bit out of nowhere and didn’t have as much impact as I would have liked, but it took me by surprise which I see as a positive thing. I just hope the remake proves to be more entertaining.


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