Terminator: Salvation (2009)

There was a lot of backlash when this originally came out, as I recall. I remember it quite vividly, largely due to the fact that I was initially considering to seeing it in the theaters but the volume of negative reactions quickly made me change my mind. So I was well informed what a mind-numbing experience was in store for me when I set out to watch this. But somehow, despite my non-existing expectations of it being any good, I still managed to get disappointed. The story is just that awful, not to mention dumb. And we’re  literally talking Nobel Prize winning level of stupidity here, folks.

That is why you have to thank God for small miracles when it comes to this movie: they actually cut a sex scene between Worthington and Moon Bloodgood’s character from the final print. Their budding love affair was already offensively bad in the handful of scenes that survived the editing room, so I can only imagine how tedious it could have been to see the two of them dry-humping each other in the desert. I’m also glad they didn’t go with the original ending that was leaked to the Internet. As unbearable as the final version of the ending in this was, at least it was not Sam Worthington getting Christian Bale’s face grafted onto Worthington’s body to make the world think John was still alive.

But lets get back to the problems with this movie. The fact that they open the movie with Sam Worthington donating his body to science before Judgment day, rather than with Christian Bale’s assault on a Skynet facility, already lays out the biggest flaw of the movie: Sam Worthington being cast as the main lead. I have not seen more than two movies by Worthington thus far, but I’m already perplexed that he has a viable career in Hollywood. The man seems to have absolutely no screen presence to speak of. His acting is so void of anything resembling charisma and emotions that he quite literally makes the movie collapse on itself by the sheer virtue of being the primary focus of the story. Of course the blame is not entirely on him. The script itself was so bad that it was beyond saving. But as Michael Ironside and Christian Bale both prove, with this thing called good acting, you can at least make parts of the movie bearable. Hell, even though Common barely has any character depth beyond “black man who hangs out with John Connor” he manages to outshine Worthington.

I would so very much like to say that you couldn’t possibly make a a worse Terminator sequel than this sorry excuse of a movie, but I’ve actually seen the trailers for  the new Terminator Genisys and apparently you can. So, at least you’ve achieved something positive, Terminator: Salvation, although retroactively. You might not be as bad as the sequel/reboot that followed you six years later.


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