Terminal Invasion (2002)

I knew this wasn’t going to be a very good movie, it is a sci-fi TV movie after all, but wow. They really outdid themselves in the “nobody actually expects this to be any good, so why even try” department. I’d really like to know what the back story for the pre-production for this was. Did they just have a large pile of money laying around, going to waste and they took the first script they could find and rushed it into production ?

The plot is basically John Carpenter’s The Thing, now set on an airport during a blizzard, with Bruce Campbell playing the part of a convict that takes everyone in the airport hostage for five minutes before his hostages one by one are revealed to be aliens posing as humans. They only seemed to have a shoe-string budget, so the effects are horrible. With the right approach, this could have still been pretty decent as a cheap romp. After all, Alien Apocalypse was another super cheap Bruce Campbell vehicle with forgettable casting and atrocious CGI, but it was just hammy enough for it to be actually fun to watch. Terminal Invasion is the total opposite. Not even Bruce’s beautiful, still relatively young chin could save it, it’s that bad. For inexplicable reason the movie really wants to be taken seriously and the end result is a very poorly done sci-fi thriller that isn’t particularly scary or exciting and the sci-fi elements are so poor that most of the time you even fail to remember the movie is suppose to have aliens in it.

The cast is entirely generic to a point of being cliché. You have the token rich douche, the urban black dude, the sexy female lead, mysterious and rugged unwilling hero, etc. Out of all of them, to no surprise the only good performances come from Campbell and Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fame, and only because they actually try to do something with the material they’ve been given, rather than just sleepwalk through the role. Neither is really that memorable in their role, but compared to the rest of the cast they are killing it with every syllable that escapes their lips. Terminal Invasion is a bad movie with little to no redeeming qualities, but I’ll give it this: even though it’s awful, it’s still better than Sharknado, so they must have done something right.


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