Maniac Cop 2 (1990)

As a sequel, this seems subscribes to the “let’s kill the survivors from the previous movie” doctrine of horror movie sequels, which is a bit off in a way because the flick has basically decided to pull a complete 180 on the tone and direction of the movie, and now wants to be a more straight forwarded action movie rather than a horror movie. If Manic Cop was a typical 80s slasher with some elements from the Fugitive thrown in, the sequel is more or less Manic Cop meets Terminator, on acid. It’s a entirely action oriented this time around, and thanks to a larger budget it provides some really neat little set pieces. For example there’s an incredibly intense taxi chase where the heroine is racing through the sidewalks with sparks are flying everywhere thanks to the tires being completely obliterated, and in case you didn’t have enough of an adrenaline rush, after the inevitable crash putting end to the chase it’s followed only minute or two later by another incredible car sequence where Claudia Christian gets handcuffed to the steering wheel from outside of the car before the car is sent running down a steep hill, with Christian still hanging outside of the car.

And as if that wasn’t enough thrilling action, the movie even does its own version (a homage or a blatant rip off, who can tell?) of the police station massacre, where Z’Dar sneaks into the station and just starts mowing down people with a sub-machine gun. The entire scene is amazing and one of the most entertaining things in the entire movie. It stars super bizarrely in the station’s shooting range where several people are shown discharging their weapons at the target practice. Then Z’Dar just appears behind the targets, apparently having hidden there for some time, quickly disposing everybody in the range. He then picks up a sub-machine gun with a full clip and proceeds to walk thought the entire station, walking through glass doors like they’re confetti, throwing one guy through several office walls and spray painting the entire station red with lead. Initially I was a bit annoyed how much of an action movie the sequel had become but this scene just won me over. It’s so over the top and mad that you can’t but love it.

This really is a prime example of a sequel going balls to the wall crazy with the material where it actually makes for a brilliant movie and at first hand it’s hard to imagine how anybody could outdo it but apparently the Maniac Cop franchise already has to covered with its third and final installment to the series where it’s going to have Z’Dar’s character get resurrected by voodoo gangters, which sounds like they’re basically doing a zombie cop version of Predator 2. I can’t wait!


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