Tremors (1990)

In a lot of ways Tremors truly is a perfect synthesization of the old B-list Sci-Fi movies from the 50s and modern film making. It’s super fun to watch and has an appropriately goofy plot, is a bit eccentric with its cast and even provides a suitably hammy off-kilter and weird monster design. It’s perfect as a  nonsensical, turn you brain off and enjoy type of entertainment. Funnily enough Kevin Bacon considered this to be his career’s low point while it was being filmed. But really, it’s actually pretty good.

The cast is quite shocking in terms of how many people I recognize from the central cast. It’s not exactly star-studded affair but you have folks like Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, the little girl who in few years would be in Jurassic Park as Lex, then there’s Reba McEntire (whom I only know from her sitcom that I never watched) and, this actually blew my mind a little, Victor Wong aka Egg Shen of Big Trouble in Little China fame in this mother. Watching the movie was almost like an egg hunt for lesser known actors.

There’s never a truly boring moment thanks to how well the movie was made. The pace is fast enough to move the plot along with suitable speed which in turn nicely maintains the proper tension for the entire running time and doesn’t allow the lack of a good plot to ever become an issue. You never really get that into the characters or just how the worms were created, but it doesn’t matter. When somebody isn’t being sucked into the ground to be devoured by a monster worm, you can count on Bacon and Ward engage you in their amusing roles as two average Joe handymen protagonist who are way over their heads but still have to act as the big action heroes. THe two of them share great chemistry together and their antics, especially before the murders start, are quite entertaining to watch.

I can only imagine how low this franchise gets with each following poorly made and unnecessary sequel. I mean, how many times can you remake the same movie with the same reoccurring characters when the premise is this dumb? It has to become stale eventually. Yet they’ve made five movies and a TV series out of this in total. I say that, but I have to admit I’m just masochistic enough to be interested in sampling all of them at some point. This was such a genuinely entertaining movie that surely the following installments make up for their more than likely increasingly poor quality in being so bad they’re kinda good, right? …Right?


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