Creepy (2016)

This actually reminds me a slightly of Asa Nonami’s novel “Now You’re One of Us” which was about a newlywed housewife who, through the use of mind altering drugs, gets slowly brainwashed into becoming entirely subservient to her husband’s crooked, incestuous and murderous criminal family. A bit similarly, the main plot in Creepy involves a serial killer whose modus operandi is to target entire families and use drugs to break down his victim’s will to a point where they become entirely dependent and subservient to his will, and then leech of their finances by impersonating the patriarch of the house until the money runs out, after which he usually kills everyone and moves on to his next family to start the cycle anew. A relatively novel idea for a profiler vs. serial killer movie, I thought. Might be okay, I said to myself. Oh brother. I really should have known better. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed watching a Japanese thriller all the way trough. No matter how promising the initial premise seems to be, it always ends in disappointment. I don’t know why but with Japanese thrillers it’s always the same story, they always manage to screw up the ending. Once again an okay idea gets completely butchered in execution.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I’ve never been a particular fan of the type of stories where the plot revolves heavily around people getting brainwashed and mentally broken, so I didn’t really enjoy watching this at all. It’s not so much the notion itself that people are being abused in horrible ways that I object to,  it’s more the way the movie in this case feels like it revels gleefully in how revolting and horrifying that idea is without telling a compelling story. It’s the worst kind of torture porn, there’s no point or artistic endeavor involved, it’s just vapid torrent of banality and excessive abuse thrown your way without any redeeming qualities. It simply comes off as being something of very poor taste. And to add insult to injury, the bad guy is completely boring as an antagonist, which just makes the whole movie completely dull exercise in getting a rise out of you.

It’s a bit annoying to find myself to be so against this movie because from technical point of view there’s nothing particularly wrong with the movie. The script was bit weak I suppose, but for the most part I just completely abhor the type of empty story it ended up telling, so much so that I simply can’t derive any enjoyment out of it, even from the parts that I kinda liked. During the first half it’s an entirely decent, if completely run of the mill thriller. It’s only once the bad guy’s identity is properly revealed (the red flags were since the beginning, but they just had to go and drag it out forever) that everything basically falls apart, because the story starts relying entirely on twists that you see coming a miles away, there’s too many instances where the good guys start acting dumb for plot convenience  while the bad guy in return is almost hyper-competent and it’s just incredibly boring once you’ve stopped caring what’s happening on the screen. Hannibal Lecter this killer is not, and more is the pity.

There’s also a bit of an odd internal logic issue regarding the ending. At one point the killer is clearly shown committing murder in cold blood because one of his current victims fails to obey his order and shoot someone, so much to his annoyance he pulls the trigger himself, yet the ending hinges entirely on the idea that the killer is in fact completely unable to commit murder by his own hands, and that is actually part of the reason he has developed the intricate M.O. where he makes his victims to do things like murders for him. I just don’t understand. Did I somehow hallucinate the scene that completely contradicts the plot mechanic that ends up defeating the bad guy? I don’t know, and frankly, at this point I don’t care. I just want to move on with my life and forget I ever saw this godawful movie.


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