The Student / Disciple (2016)

You don’t really seen that many extreme Christian fundamentalist movies being made, now do you? That alone makes this a particularly interesting picture to watch, but when you also add the overtly cynical and pessimistic Russian bent to it, it becomes a must-see. The story is rather simple one, a troubled Russian teenage boy named […]

Complete Unknown (2016)

Now admittedly Complete Unknown is very much a niche appeal movie that, when you look at it, seems to depend a bit too much on the marketability of its main players and not so much on providing a juicy, easy to swallow hook for the viewer to latch onto. But it’s actually pretty enjoyable little […]

Creepy (2016)

This actually reminds me a slightly of Asa Nonami’s novel “Now You’re One of Us” which was about a newlywed housewife who, through the use of mind altering drugs, gets slowly brainwashed into becoming entirely subservient to her husband’s crooked, incestuous and murderous criminal family. A bit similarly, the main plot in Creepy involves a […]

Wild (2016)

When I read the synopsis for Wild (not to be mistaken for the 2014 Reese Witherspoon survival drama) and discovered that it was about a girl who becomes obsessed with the notion of trapping and taming a wolf she encounters in a park, I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so full of artistic symbolism. […]

Womb / Clone (2010)

If you were presented with the opportunity to bring your dear departed loved one back from the dead, would you seize it, despite the questionable morality of the act? Would your love run deep enough for you to able to make that decision and then live with it afterwards when things get complicated? These are […]

Blue Jasmine (2013)

In a genuine positive surprise Woody Allen’s Oscar winning film Blue Jasmine proves to be much grander affair than a mere topical dramedy that was heavily inspired by the somewhat recent, highly publicized Bernie Madoff investment scandal like it initially seemed to be. The film features an engrossing, semi-tragic story of self-deception and vanity that, like […]

Shame (2011)

Any picture that opens with Michael Fassbender getting out of bed butt naked, and in the following couple of minutes goes to show his junk to you in all of its glory while Fassbender walks past the camera as he soullessly paces back and forth the rooms of his flat, even going as far as […]